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An innovating device for body contouring

CRISTAL FIT is a HI-ES technology device specially designed for body contouring.

This device is equipped with an innovative technology for non-invasive body contouring, which allows to develop and shape the muscles. 

Why choose CRISTAL FIT?

This treatment requires no anesthesia and is perfectly painless. Patients can sit comfortably and relax during the session, while the device performs muscle contractions equivalent to more than 20000 “crunches” in the abdomen or “squats” in the buttocks!

During treatment, the electromagnetic stimulation activates cells and builds muscle mass. The silhouette is then more firm and tonic. After a CRISTAL FIT treatment, the patients feel the same sensation as after a high intensity sports training. In particular, they may experience some pain in the days following a treatment.

CRISTAL FIT has two applicators that can treat different parts of the body at the same time for men and women (belly, thighs, buttocks).




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